Jacqui Wong

Aynur  / Marta


Belly Dance and more

Lorena has been dancing for the past 4 years. She's taken classes from professional international belly dancer, Denise Arias, and has taken many workshops in Southern California.  

Lorena danced with Denise's troupe (Dream Night Dancers) for a year and has been dancing with Dunia dancers for all of 2017.   She's always learning new techniques and improving herself by taking workshops.



Dunia Dancers


Luna began to dance at the age of 15 being part of the Folkloric and Indian dance program during high school years. She always admired belly dancers and began to take classes. She has taken works shops and classes with amazing dancers such as Denise Arias, at Madrasat al Raq, and Alla Kushnir amongst others. Luna has been part of the annual Dream Nights Belly Dance Event and has performed in weddings, birthdays, City of Los Angeles celebrations and festivals. Luna believes that studying dance is a life-long process and is always working to increase her technique.

Amala has been dancing for many years in the Southern California area.  You can see Amala performing at multiple shows in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County Area.   She has taken many workshops with expert dancers worldwide and takes classes with various teachers to improve herself.  Her love of the dance shows on every performance she does. She's an amazing and beautiful dancers who makes any show a one to remember.


Aricely has been dancing since 2010.  She's danced for Anja's Troupe, Dream Night Troupe and others, all based in Los Angeles area.  She fell in love with Belly dance in 2006 when she took her first class with Jenza.  She's danced at many restaurants and private and public events throughout Southern California.   She's currently teaching classes at Madrasat Al Raqs in Van Nuys, CA and also takes classes from her mentor, Denise Arias from Argentina. Aricely loves to learn new styles of dance and she's always taking new classes to improve herself. 

Marta, also known by her stage name Aynur, "Moonlight", learned the art of belly dance from master teachers nationwide.  She was the important member of 2 dance companies in Southern California where she performed regularly at private events and parties for over a decade.  Marta ventured into performing solo and formed her own dance troupe as she started teaching technique and choreographies.  She is State certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer and teaches Yoga, Pilates and Zumba.  Her dance background includes, salsa, samba, flamenco, and Persian, but her passion is Egyptian/fusion belly dance.  She is also the main producer/hostess of a monthly dance showcase "Moonlight & Stars" held at a known Mediterranean Restaurant in Northridge, CA, where dancers of various styles and backgrounds perform, network and get the opportunity to get exposure as we all help support the Art of Belly Dance.

Jacqui has been dancing professionally for many years.  She performs in Northern and Southern California in many events, including corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, Holiday Events, and many others. She continues to improve herself by taking multiple classes and workshops.  Dancing is her life!.

Jackee has been dancing for the past 5 years.  She has trained with many teachers in Los Angeles County and has been performing for the past 2 years. Jackee is currently pursuing her academic degree, but continues to dance at different events, including weddings, birthday parties, music videos, fund raisers, and many more. Her passion is to dance and she comes alive when she does. 

Tina is half Ukrainian and half Potawatomi Indian and German. She's been dancing for many years and she is currently part of Samo Dabke dance troupe and Dunia Dancers.  She was a competitive roller skater  and won many awards in freestyle, pairs and freedance. She performs at shows in all type of events, including, weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, etc.

Tina loves to dance and her enthusiasm brings so much energy and joy to the dance floor.